Released September 2, 2022

Chloe Dancer is the brainchild of K.M North. Armed with a nod to Deafheaven and Slowdive, the three songs that encompass Chloe Dancers debut e.p find themselves wavering between shoegaze and postrock, with swells of reverb and blast beats that allow each song to twist and turn at a moments notice. The instrumental tracks push and pull the listener into every feeling they may have, or may be running from. Whether it’s an uplifting passage over a double kick drum or a melancholy bass line that rumbles through the speakers. North imagined the songs to live inside a pair of headphones on a late evening when the world is sound asleep. The three tracks that make up the e.p are meant to be felt as well as listened to.

“This EP hits like a wave of emotions and I can’t wait to hear more!”
– mephost, Bandcamp Review

Buy It Here (Digital & Cassette)
Stream It

The Chariot – Tarot Card
by Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair

Still available.

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