Released: September 22, 2022

“From the vaults of unreleased material, Iōhannēs calls up a mighty wave of ocean-themed black metal with The Ocean EP. The second release ever made by the North Carolina-based musician, entirely self-produced, and the first to feature vocals, it’s a short but powerful statement on their connection to the waters that once gave us life. From the striking orchestral opening of The Ocean Pt. 1 to the ominous synths of the closing track Vessel On The Edge Of The Sea, this EP will carry the listener along like a tidal wave and bring them through a harrowing journey into the depths of the sea and their own psyche.”

“In my opinion Iōhannēs are a very great sounding progressive black metal solo project”
– 8/10 – Occult Black Metal Zine

“…this album is certainly not one to listen to if you aren’t prepared to be bummed out, as the ending leaves a lasting gut punch.”

“This is a beautiful album. It’s haunting, desolate and dark.”
– shawntology. Bandcamp Review

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