Released: December 9th, 2022

Drazen is a thrash metal outfit hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. With an emphasis on breathing new life into their 80s influences, throwing in a mix of hardcore two steps with visceral vocals, Drazen aim to bring in a new era of thrash.

Taking cues from Slayer and Metallica while also aping a new metal sound popularized by Power Trip and Terminal Nation, the songs on the e.p span the gamut of everything heavy, from blast beats to blistering solos with pit inspiring breakdowns. The vocals match the intensity of the music perfectly, capturing vitriol at its base form and never letting up. This is a must listen for anyone that is a fan of heavy music.

Buy it Here (Digital & Cassette)

Stream it Here

The Moon – Tarot Card
by Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair

Still available.

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