Alright friends, it is that time of year when best albums of 2022 lists start pouring out and we all fight about it until January 1st when the process starts over again. So, with that in mind, I have reached out to the denizens of the great and sticky moose to see what their favourite albums of the year are! I asked them all to just choose one – turns out that’s a tall order sometimes. Anyways, here is what everyone said, in no particular order.

Don’t want anyone’s thoughts? Go and have a peek at the Apple Music Playlist!

BackxwashHis Happiness Will Continue…

“It feels unfair to call this a metal album or a hip-hop album, so instead, I’ll call it the best fucking album of 2022.”
– Brendan, Syrup Moose Records

Wet LegWet Leg

– Tristys / ASVNDER

Ghost Impera

“Every good element of Ghost dialed up to 11. Every song is memorable (and yes I’m including Twenties, cry about it), and its just really fun”
– Corvus Corone

WordclockA Greater Bliss

“One of the most mind-blowing ambient albums I’ve heard with very very interesting instruments. It makes me want to shave my head and live in a temple in the mountains.”

Meshuggah Immutable

“I think the only thing released in 2022 I listened to was Meshuggah’s Immutable, and it IS quite the lovely bit of post-minimalist chamber music, so I’ll go with that”
Eight Fold Path


William MaranciThe Flamingo Cafe

“Absolute joy and madening brilliance, the way the man just twists all these samples and just plunders them in the most cursed of ways is a treat.”

Toehider I have little to no memory of these memories

“The strangest piece of genius I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve listened to it dozens of times and there’s still more to be discover, plus its just a big ol’ goofy barrel of fun”
– Krystal Swords

Blockdata Entropy

“If I have to go and say this is the one, well then this IS the ONE.”
– 18 Slashes / Henges

Saidan Onryo II: Her Spirit Eternal

“I might be flushing my kvlt cred with this one… as much as it pains me to choose an album that I don’t think has a bass player”
– Sacral

INVSNLet the Night Love You

– Don Sindulfo, Snow Wolf Records

Chat PileGod’s Country

“It evoked a lot of my old faves, plus the lyrics hit with me”
– Mark Doubt

Gggolddd This Shame Should Not Be Mine

“Every song on this album hit me like a ton of bricks. Not just because the music goes as hard as it does, but also because I could relate to it on a personal level.”
– Espi Kvlt

Minneriket Gjennom meg g​å​r ingen til hvile

“Romantic black metal… so many vibes”
– Grotesque Misalignment

Imperial Triumphant Spirit of Ecstacy

“They’re just gloriously bonkers in their pursuit of a very specific aesthetic. The most accurate description I’ve seen genre-wise is Art-Deco-Black-Metal”
– One Eyed Ancestor


Miles Morkri Ventifact

“Genuinely the best digifu lp I’ve listened to since the digifu scene broke out of just being a coupl chiptune kids staring longingly at jazz”
– Mouri Sunlight

Iohannes Jacob’s Ladder

“This is like picking favourites for kids. Fuck it. Jacob’s Ladder”
– Ainor

Aeternam Heir of the Rising Sun

“Absolutely bombastic historical symphonic metal album. Loved following the release of this one, and the full album does not disappoint”
– Iohannes

Zach BryanAmerican Heartbreak

“This dude is the most punk rock country guy I know. does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants, not to mention he’s easily the best song writer to come around in the last 15 years.”
– Youth Pastor


Wang Wen Painful Clown & Ninja Tiger / Meshuggah – Immutable / AlexisonfireOtherness / AlvvaysBlue Rev

“An extraordinary post rock album brimming with emotion” / “A punishing assault from start to finish” / “Alexisonfire is life” / “Surf rock/dream pop”
– the indecisive members of Arklay Mountains/Ghost of Shadow Moses

Behold the MonolithFrom the Fathomless Deep

“In metal, there are lots of different kinds of riff. Some are slow, some are fast, others are chunky, and some are heavy. I like mine fat and heavy—so heavy, in fact, that they feel like they’re going to shake the soul loose from my body.”
– Kirk Gauthier, Food Desert Recordings

Ashenspire Hostile Architecture

“It’s probably gonna be Ashenspire’s Hostile Architecture. That album drives me into a frenzy on a pretty intense emotional level”
– Tyrannus

billy woodsAethiopes

– K, Mar

Body VoidBurn the Homes of Those Who Seek to Control Our Bodies

– Eirikr, Mar

Conan Evidence of Immortality

“The sludgiest, deepest, nastiest release of the year, for me. Back to back catchy fat riffs that are hard to not stank face at.”
-Bog Wizard

Wormrot Hiss

– Defaced Memorial

It has been an absolute fucking belter of a year for music, there’s no denying it. I can’t remember the last time there was so much to be excited about in a year as far as music goes and so I think it’s one of the few areas we can count ourselves lucky. I hope that you all have a tremendous holiday season, whatever that looks like, and that you’ll join Syrup Moose Records in 2023. I still can’t believe it exists at all, and I’m so grateful to all of you. Two more releases this year, but I’m going to be taking a couple of weeks off so things will be a bit quieter until 2023 besides the releases coming out on time.

Thanks again, share your albums of the year in the comments.
– The Sticky Moose.

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