Released: February 10th, 2023

The unbelievably prolific, good good boys in Arklay Mountains don’t seem to know how to stop making music, and lucky for us they are at it again. Releasing a 10-track, 40 minute ode to the grim and dark world of Dark Souls, May the Light Shine Your Way is an absolute beast of a thing and, no, you’re not required to ‘git gud’ before you’re able to enjoy it from end to end. They’ve really been able to showcase all of their strengths, from softer rock pieces to out and out metal, the instrumental album is a must-hear for fans of fromsoft and normies alike. Further, if we’re being honest, the back catalog of this band is extensive and criminally underheard so you need to get on the Arklay Mountains train yesterday.

Buy it Here (Digital & Cassette)

Stream it Here

The Wheel of Fortune – Tarot Card (art coming soon)
by Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair

Still available.

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