Among The Moose is an interview-ish series where I ask some questions of the extremely good bands on this label and share their answers with you. We are starting with KM North (Chloe Dancer, Youth Pastor, Drazen, American Goner, Rosegold etc etc etc etc etc etc) because Chloe Dancer was the first release we did and so why not go through this chronologically. I sent all of the artists the same series of questions, and then some follow up questions. In KM’s case, I didn’t send any follow up, his answers were extremely on brand and it felt wrong to follow it up.

Check out the SMR projects that KM was involved in up to this point:
Chloe Dancer | wXdXw & Absolute Fucking Bastard | Drazen | Youth Pastor | American Goner

1.  Name , Age , Location , Gender Identity 
K.M. North, Pittsburgh, Male

2. Your band(s) , project(s) both in and out of the moose 
Nsync, Shakira {back up dancer only}, Peter Gabriels Mic Holder

3. When did you start? 
I started American Goner like 5 years ago

4. Why the genre(s) that you chose?
Because I like music and it speaks to me with these genres particularly

5. 5 most influential bands/albums 
“sink or swim” by the gaslight anthem, “jane doe” by converge, “the static age” by the misfits, “explosions in ward 6” by pig destroyer, “stay positive” by the hold steady

6. What is the point of music anyways? 
to make noise

7. Why Syrup Moose Records?
cause I’ve got a crush on the owner

8. What’s next for you?
not to die

9. What are you currently listening to?
Ethel Cain

10. One hot take 
no comment…

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