Released: March 3, 2023

The debut full length album from Bong Coffin is emerging from the Great Moose on March 3rd and you need to be paying attention. This Australian 5 piece doom band are absolutely not messing around, and The End Beyond Doubt fully cements that fact. Crushing vocals and instrumentals abound, and if you’re into doom metal, it’s going to be tough to find much better.

In their own words, Bong Coffin aims to get heads banging with a sense of the impending apocalypse; writing riff-laden tunes inspired by fantasy and science fiction themes in the best tradition of Black Sabbath, Sleep, and Conan. Songwriter/vocalist Michael Done has enlisted former bandmates from Arrows Against Lightning and long-time allies from Sloven to bring the music to life. Bong Coffin is sure to keep your head banging as the end comes crashing down

Buy it Here (Digital & Cassette)

Stream it Here

Strength – Tarot Card
by Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair

Sold Out.

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