Among The Moose is an interview-ish series where I ask some questions of the extremely good bands on this label and share their answers with you. Ammothea has the dubious honour of going third. Being the third release on SMR with My God Is The Moon. Also the first album to become certified sticky, another dubious honour. Here’s their whole deal:

x. Feelings about the current state of metal, particularly relating to the huge nazi problem, abuser problem, and overall toxic bullshit?
I’m not a huge fan of the metal scene at the moment, and that applies to the majority of the raw kvlt black metal communities. Probably the most uninviting, judgmental, pretentious community gatekeeping some very bad sounding music (not all of it of course). It’s dumb how nazism is still a thing and how relevant they make themselves in something as innocent as a small music scene/genre, it almost feels like you’re forced to publicly announce how anti nazi you are or else people think otherwise just because of one type of music you like, it shouldn’t have to be like that. All my hate for that goes towards abusers and any dumb drama too.

1. Name , Age , Location , Gender Identity 
Greg Nunn, 24, Dallas Texas, Male

2. Your band(s) , project(s) both in and out of the moose 
Ammothea, Glacial Anatomy, Yemen Civil Servant, Vollam

3. When did you start?
I started playing guitar at the end of high school about 7 or 8 years ago and slowly got into synths and self producing as well. I’m all self taught, and by that I mean I have no idea how to play any “real” chords or notes and have no knowledge of music theory or anything technical, I’ve just always made what I thought sounded good and rarely ever practiced playing other peoples songs. I have a lot of weird habits when it comes to making music, I don’t actually practice playing any of my instruments ever, my “practice” is fully writing and recording songs and every new song or project has just gotten better and better since I started. When it comes to the simpler genres like noise/ambient I don’t get up from my desk until I have a fully completed song and I’ll do that for days when I get obsessed with an album idea. 

4. Why the genre(s) that you chose?
I’m usually jumping from genre to genre every once in a while and with making music being one of my main hobbies I just feel the need to try and make what I’m really into at the moment, which isn’t the best idea with the millions of albums being released everyday, I feel like I’m just contributing barfing up a bunch of stuff from a bunch of random genres. I have had loads of projects over the years of different genres like noise, ambient, shoegaze, doomgaze, atmospheric black metal, industrial techno, dungeon synth, and powerviolence/death metal. Though I’m trying to slow down on that habit and really stick with, focus, and perfect just a few of my projects. 

5. 5 most influential bands/albums 
Nadja, Whirr, Tim Hecker, Bark Psychosis, Deafheaven, 

6. What is the point of music anyways? 
Escapism, it’s the best way to just leave. Plus music is about sharing emotions and building communities, It combines arts, sciences, humanities, and math. Rhythm = fractions, melody/pitch = science. Naturally music is just beautiful and it makes sense, but it doesn’t have to make sense either which makes it fun. 

7.Why Syrup Moose Records?
Since the beginning of the label [Barlovv] has gone all in and has really taken care of all of us, it feels like a little family. 

8.  What’s next for you?
Still just working on music and ideas constantly for all my projects. Finishing up my eurorack is my main goal right now gear wise. 

9. What are you currently listening to?
Yellow Swans, Vatican Shadow, Muslimgauze, Alex G

10. One hot take 
Image is everything in the music world whether you like it or not.

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