Among The Moose is an interview-ish series where I ask some questions of the extremely good bands on this label and share their answers with you. Ainor was the 7th release on SMR with Sigils. Here’s their whole deal:

x. Feelings about the current state of metal, particularly relating to the huge nazi problem, abuser problem, and overall toxic bullshit?

Don’t hate

Nah but I genuinely hope one day there can be a turning point where its easier for some to see our side and become more accepting. Even if its just a small amount of people. Even one person is enough to help change an opinion.

Fuck nazis

1. Name , Age , Location , Gender Identity 
Violet, 18, Selmer TN, Transwoman

2. Your band(s) , project(s) both in and out of the moose 
AINOR, Jack Ires drummer

3. When did you start?

4. Why the genre(s) that you chose?
Its the feel I’ve always enjoyed

5. 5 most influential bands/albums 
Avenged Sevenfold, Motionless In White, Scars On Broadway, System Of A Down, Iōhannēs

5a. How does it feel to be on a label with one of your top 5 most influential bands?
It makes me genuinely excited. Ive spent a couple months trying to figure out Iōhannēs’ drum parts (Its pretty difficult for my small brain.)I hope to one day either record with them or play with them live.

6. What is the point of music anyways? 

7.Why Syrup Moose Records?
They gave me a chance to have something special. Also I was drawn in because of Iōhannēs.

8.  What’s next for you?
Ep in June and recording with Jack Ire

9. What are you currently listening to?
Luna Fawn Riplet

10. One hot take 
Game soundtracks are better

10a. Top 3 video game soundtracks, go.
1. Sally Face
2.Legend Of Zeda Ocarina of Time
3. Shadow Of The Colossus

Bonus: My Time At Portia

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