Released: April 14, 2023

Atychiphobia, a strong fear of not living up to expectations/being rejected by others, which was how I felt the entire time I was working on these songs lol. Since the biggest inspiration for the songs on the project was oldschool black metal/dungeon synth stuff (except for anything made by douchebags like Burzum; I refuse to listen to that crap), as well as artists like Trespasser, Slipknot, Lorna Shore, etc.

Since the title has to do with fear, I thought it would be cool to make the cover art styled like old-school, film noire horror movies, with the black and white frame and the text on screen with my name as kind of a parody of the studio logos that would normally be on there.

The photo itself was taken by me at my local lake specifically because when I went there to take photos, I couldn’t stop worrying about not being good enough for many things in my life. I hope it doesn’t seem too corny or anything; I wanted to make everything as meaningful/personal as I could lol. I just have a really hard time being able to showcase those feelings as music very well (as the descriptions of the songs will indicate). I was tempted to use my own logo in place of my name, but figured it would look more aesthetically pleasing, and fit the theme better, if I used a (royalty-free) font to parody the studio name part.

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Four of Wands (art coming soon)
by Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair

Still Available.

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