Released: April 7, 2023

Having already released what has been called “The best funeral doom album of 2023” under their other project, Corvus Corone, this KC based musician is not interested in resting on their laurels – and instead is releasing another, equally stunning piece of fantasy-inspired black metal: Palemoon Spelltome; the debut album from Tide Harvester.

Inspired directly by a world creator for Pathfinder of all things, this one is sure to delight the fantasy nerds and black metal nerds in equal measure. There is also some truly stunning piano throughout all of this album that – in the humble opinion of the Great Moose anyways – really sets it apart in interesting ways.

Buy it Here (Digital & Physical)

Stream it Here

Temperance – Three of Wands (art coming soon)
by Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair

Still Available.

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