Among The Moose is an interview-ish series where I ask some questions of the extremely good bands on this label and share their answers with you. Next up is the truly excellent One Eyed Ancestor. Lets get into it.

x. Feelings about the current state of metal, particularly relating to the huge nazi problem, abuser problem, and overall toxic bullshit?
Sadly, the heavy music community has always had its share of toxic individuals. I genuinely don’t attribute this to the music itself, as you’ll find a smattering of dip-shittery among a cross section of almost any ‘scene’ or ‘movement’. It’s one the inescapable truths of human nature. Doesn’t make it any less abhorrent when you encounter it within a community you care about though. 

1. Name , Age , Location , Gender Identity 
Ben, 42, Vancouver, Male (he/him/his)

2. Your band(s) , project(s) both in and out of the moose 
One Eyed Ancestor is my latest musical squeeze. I do also make a different kind of noise as Gosmo Kefree.

3. When did you start?
I started writing music and playing in bands in the mid nineties, as a teenager growing up in North East London.

3x. How did you end up in Canada from the UK? 

Work. The VFX studio I work for opened up over here some years ago so we eventually transferred over here summer 2019… six months before COVID. Yay!

4. Why the genre(s) that you chose?
Well, it’s that classic trajectory; grunge bands in the mid 90’s, alt metal band in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, nothing for twenty years save for shadows of musical meanderings, pandemic, immediate re-birth of musical output grows into spiky psychedelic rock then leaps off a cliff into doom metal and stays there for a good minute.

4x. Any highlights/lowlights from previous bands and musical exploits?
Our semi-serious band, AmberVoid, toured the UK back in the late 90s / early 2000s and had some great nights. We once supported Clutch, although I must admit wasn’t familiar with them at the time. At our peak, there were a few stand out nights playing packed out little clubs in areas of the UK where we’d garnered a small following. Good times.

5. 5 most influential bands/albums 
Radiohead – OK Computer, Beatles – Revolver, Mr Bungle – Disco Volante, Nirvana – In Utero, Sepultura – Roots

5x. The Beatles, and many others, have undergone a bit of a cultural re-appraisal in recent years in regards to Lennon being an asshole of the highest order. What does that kind of reappraisal do to albums that were foundational to your love of music? How does someone reconcile that?
Yeah, the relationship between our values and our behaviour can be very revealing. I used to absolutely adore Pantera and Down but just find I no longer have the desire to hear it any more. My connection to The Beatles, however, is much deeper rooted and I find that I’m more prone to the cognitive dissonance required to keep their music present in my life. Not necessarily a reconciliation but an honest account of the human condition as I seem to find it.

6. What is the point of music anyways? 
Direct communication by way of self expression, innit. 

7.Why Syrup Moose Records?
Well honestly, I heard Ammothea on bandcamp, checked them out and found SMR there. Immediately loved the heart-worn-clearly-on-sleeve aesthetic and it’s been just good, good vibes ever since.

8.  What’s next for you?
More One Eyed Ancestor offerings to come later in 2023.

9. What are you currently listening to?
I Love You Jennifer B – Jockstrap
Portal – Alexander Tucker
Bit of Stockhausen

10. One hot take 
The universe is better defined as a verb than as a noun.

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