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Soulmass Test Pressing Draw CLOSING SOON

You may remember in an age long passed, that I posted a draw on our Ko-Fi shop for you to get your nasty little paws on one of five copies of Let Us Pray on Vinyl. Each will have an…

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A Note Regarding the Moose Hide Campaign


This will be posted in a number of places to make sure folks are given ample time to opt out if they wish.

Starting in the next week or so, once the pins…

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$10 In-Stock Tape Sale Starts Now!

$10 In-Stock Tape Sale Starts Right Fucking Now. 
Shipping has also been adjusted, so it is $2 for each additional item instead of $5. 

Any money that I make from these tapes selling will just go to making more tapes. …

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Taxes Are Fun and Interesting to Everyone

Alright folks, a very short update to make sure that I have exhaustively put this where it can go: 

Please Note: PRICES INCLUDES CANADIAN SALES TAX. If you live in the US or elsewhere use code "NOTCANADA" for 15%…

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The Sticky Awards Voting Closes Soon!

Alright folks - with the release of Espi's LP, we have officially released everything coming in 2023. With that said, I am going to set a deadline for voting in the Sticky Awards if you wanted to do so. Voting…

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New website, who dis?

If you're here, then you can probably already see: we've got a new website. 

There's genuinely not much else to say OTHER THAN: I know where the issues are (the store) and I am working on it. So please bear…

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