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A note on production

Hello there sticky friends and foes! 

Hoping that you're all doing well as we sprint towards environmental and political collapse seemingly at full speed. 

This isn't about that, though. This is about production. Specifically, production of physical media here at…

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The Summer of the Fool is upon us, and you could reap the benefits. Orders that are SHIPPED from June 1st - August 31st, 2024 will have the possibility of receiving one of EIGHT “Magicians Fool” tarot cards. These cards…

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Soulmass Test Pressing Draw CLOSING SOON

You may remember in an age long passed, that I posted a draw on our Ko-Fi shop for you to get your nasty little paws on one of five copies of Let Us Pray on Vinyl. Each will have an…

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A Note Regarding the Moose Hide Campaign


This will be posted in a number of places to make sure folks are given ample time to opt out if they wish.

Starting in the next week or so, once the pins…

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$10 In-Stock Tape Sale Starts Now!

$10 In-Stock Tape Sale Starts Right Fucking Now. 
Shipping has also been adjusted, so it is $2 for each additional item instead of $5. 

Any money that I make from these tapes selling will just go to making more tapes. …

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Taxes Are Fun and Interesting to Everyone

Alright folks, a very short update to make sure that I have exhaustively put this where it can go: 

Please Note: PRICES INCLUDES CANADIAN SALES TAX. If you live in the US or elsewhere use code "NOTCANADA" for 15%…

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The Sticky Awards Voting Closes Soon!

Alright folks - with the release of Espi's LP, we have officially released everything coming in 2023. With that said, I am going to set a deadline for voting in the Sticky Awards if you wanted to do so. Voting…

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New website, who dis?

If you're here, then you can probably already see: we've got a new website. 

There's genuinely not much else to say OTHER THAN: I know where the issues are (the store) and I am working on it. So please bear…

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