Like a record store, but online.

Behold! SOME of the various goods and goodies from Syrup Moose Records. Full disclosure, I'm still working on this, but if you're looking for CASSETTES, CDS, VINYL, TAROT CARDS OR OTHER BITS AND BOBS - THEY ARE ALMOST CERTAINLY AVAILBLE ON BANDCAMP. 


PLEASE NOTE: All items marked as Pre-Order operate as mini-kickstarters which go into production when sales thresholds are met, and as such do not have definite delivery dates. Refunds are offered on all Pre-Order items until they go to production. I apologize for any delays, but that's the best way I can make this work. 




Corvus Corone - The Finality of Winter
(Funeral Doom, USA)

Sausage Wallet - Bad Habit
(Pornogrind, USA)

Griza Nokto - (sub)normal
(Post Punk, Brazil)

Nodine - Amateur Land
(Hip-Hop/Rap, USA)

Tachanka - Blossoms
(Acoustic, USA)

MEGAFAUNA - The Sea Meets the Sky
(Experimental/Electronic, Canada)

One Eyed Ancestor - Binate
(Bit Crush Doom, Canada)

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