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The Nitty Gritty

Syrup Moose Records does not have a contract or any kind of legally binding agreement with anyone on the label. With that said, if we move ahead with a release it is considered that you have agreed to the terms here, unless otherwise negotiated.

Syrup Moose Records is a label founded on the ideas of anti-fascism and is run by a full on anarcho-communist. While I don't expect anyone on the label to be outwardly political, it's important to know up front the values you're associating with if you jump on board and I don't ever want anyone to feel surprised by that so I like to say it up front. I hope that you find Syrup Moose Records to be a safe and welcoming place. If any conduct from myself or other artists or folks involved with the label is concerning, please let me know if you feel comfortable doing that. Given all of this, Syrup Moose Records has zero tolerance for any bullshit that contravenes those values.

Syrup Moose Records is a profit-sharing label, with 50% of all profits coming back to the band for a given release. The intention is also to split additional profit from things like streaming, Ko-Fi or donations, once they are meaningfully large enough to split. Syrup Moose Records also claims no ownership of your work, and everything we do is considered to be with your permission unless directed otherwise. You will always own your art. Payouts happen at the end of each month, the only reason you wouldn't receive a payout is if there were no sales, or the total amount of actual profit split would be less than the PayPal fee to send it to you. You are also allowed to request that 100% of digital sales on Bandcamp be reverted to you after 30 days if you would like.

There are no expectations of exclusivity with Syrup Moose Records, and there will never be any hard feelings if you find another label who wants to pay you more or give you more resources, you deserve to be able to live off of your art, and if someone can do that for you then do it.

Regarding physical release, Syrup Moose Records has primarily been a cassette label, with forays into vinyl and CD. Further, merch options are available, but we do print any clothing using print-on-demand services which can be limiting. That said, we can plan together and absolutely figure out how to best put your album out into the world. Regarding cassettes, all releases launch with a limited edition 13-tape run, the tapes are grouped into batches of 3 albums called "colour series", when one of the tree tapes sells out, or half of all three sell out, the tapes go into production. This has proven to be a bit more economical. If those 13 sell out, we can absolutely look at cds or vinyl - unless you feel your audience would prefer CDs to be available initially. Truly, this part can be fully negotiated and we can work out album-specific plans together.

Syrup Moose Records does not release any media created by AI, this includes album art or music. We have used generative art on some previous charity compilations, but have taken a firm stance as the culture and abuse of AI becomes more concerning. If you would like to be connected to artists who would be interested in doing album art, or would like me to whip something up for it, that's great. AI generated album covers, however, are not accepted.

Your assistance in promoting your project is appreciated and necessary, Syrup Moose Records will do what it can to reach as many people as possible, and will send the album to outlets and radio stations, but you will need to be actively engaged in that promotion process too. You are bringing your audience along, so lets all engage together.

The terms you've seen above are a general outline, nearly everything is open for negotiation and adjustment. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that might arise from reading this, and thank you so much.