The Sticky Tarot

Each card is an original piece by Vancouver Island artist Kaitlyn Hay Sinclair. There is absolutely no unauthorized reproduction of these cards or images.

Each accompanied a release from Syrup Moose Records and will continue until an entire deck has been created. Each is a limited edition of 13, and some are no longer available.

The List:

Major Arcana

Chloe Dancer – EP | The Chariot
Iohannes – The Ocean | The Hermit
Ammothea – My God is the Moon | Justice
Crypt Key – EP | The Emperor
Compilation I | The Devil
wXdxw / AFB – fig. i fig. ii | The Tower
Ainor – Sigils | The High Priestess
claus | The World
Drazen – EP | The Moon
Compilation II | Death
Youth Pastor – TCGH Vol. II | The Sun
Mouri Sunlight – DB4 | The Star
Trollass – All Trolls Are Bastards | The Hierophant
Corvus Corone – Abandoned in Spring | The Empress
American Goner – What You Left Behind | The Fool
Arklay Mountains – May The Dark… | Wheel
Still Sleeping – Fuse | The Hanged One
Ghosts of Shadow Moses – Nemesis | The Magician
Bong Coffin – The End Beyond Doubt | Strength
Espi Kvlt – Denies My Tongue to Tell | Judgement
TH Speedball – My Brain is on Fire... | The Lovers
Grotesque Misalignment – Blood Nexus | Temperance

The Magician’s Fool

Minor Arcana
One Eyed Ancestor – Omnemoth | Ace of Wands
Rosegold – These Hazy Frames | Two of Wands
Tide Harvester – Palemoon Spelltome | Three of Wands
Mazia – Atychiphobia! | Four of Wands
Clarion Knell – Abyss of Fear | Five of Wands

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